Want to know the secrets to total wellness? This short video provides a snapshot of the 5 habits and hacks you need to cultivate your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 

1. Eat more plants. 

The pillar of any diet for longevity includes an abundance of fruits and vegetables, even one salad a day can help. 

2. Use exercise as medicine. 

If I were to go all in on one activity, it would be walking. Recent studies have shown that even a little walking daily can reduce signs of depression and anxiety. Plus, it’s easy to put shoes on and head out the front door. So get your steps in. 

3. Develop a daily practice of meditation. 

Most people know that the benefits of meditation are not only to help us relax, but it also has direct benefits on our physical and mental health. And this is backed by neuroscience. Plus, it’s free and easy. You don’t need to do it for that long, either. Just start and see where it takes you. 

4. Get sober curious.

Many people take the edge off by having wine or a drink. But alcohol is a depressant, and it’s also sneaky. You might have that first drink and feel good. But as the alcohol works through your system, other chemicals are released in your brain that make you irritable and can even make you depressed and interrupt your sleep. So get curious about it. Think about limiting alcohol or removing it completely. They are great mocktails and zero-proof alternatives that are out there. 

5. Go with small healthy choices over the all-or-nothing mindset. 

The all-or-nothing mindset is making us unhealthy or, even worse, sick. Most people overestimate the importance of the diet or a significant change they want to make to be healthy and underestimate the value of consistently making small, healthy choices. So, keep those healthy choices tiny and achievable. Get a streak going to develop momentum and confidence. 

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