Sitting is killing you. Here are simple tips to break the sedentary cycle. 

You might find it a bit dramatic, but it’s true. We’re all aware that being sedentary isn’t great for our health, but a study released in January 2024 quantifies the lethal impact of sitting, revealing a staggering 16% increased risk of death from all causes. This provides a clear metric for the deadly consequences of prolonged sitting, even for those who exercise regularly, emphasizing the urgent need to challenge passive workday routines.

So, how can you get more movement in your day? The solution can be simple with intentional choices. 

Start the Conversation

Share this blog about Simple Tips to break the Sedentary Cycle with your teams, friends, and family and make this a topic in one of your get togethers. Brainstorm how daily routines can become more active and how everyone can get involved. 

Plan Workout “Snacks”

Incorporate micro-workout breaks into your daily routine by setting aside just a few minutes throughout the day for quick bursts of exercise. For example, do a minute of jumping jacks or high knees between tasks, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or do a set of push-ups against the kitchen counter while waiting for water to boil. Or, check out this video for a 10-minute workout idea.

Switch to “Walk and Talk Session”

Convert your next virtual meeting into a ‘Walk and Talk” session. Turn your camera off, and walk around. You’ll add hundreds, if not thousands, of steps to your day. Or, make it a “Stretch and Talk” session and incorporate some of these desk stretches

Flip the Next Social Hour

Make your next happy hour or coffee meet up into a healthy social hour. Instead of the bar or restaurant, suggest activities like yoga, group hikes, or walks. 

Active Screen Time

Make screen time more active by incorporating movement into your favorite TV shows or video games. Challenge your family to do jumping jacks, squats, or plank holds during commercial breaks or loading screens. Alternatively, invest in interactive fitness video games that encourage physical activity and engagement for both kids and adults.

Need more fun ways to fit movement into your day? Check out this one!

Amy Fox, your Food & Mood Cafe coach
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