Overindulge over the holiday or vacation? Travel has taken me out of my regular routine, and I’m relying on my go-to “detox” strategies to reboot my system. I am still on the road and using these to start the process.

Often detox requires drastic lifestyle changes that aren’t great for your body or overall health. It usually involves a cleanse or restrictive eating patterns and minimizes calories- don’t fall for this These approaches aim to remove foods and products from your diet so that your body has time to rest and detoxify. You can get these same benefits without avoiding all food or feeling like you are depriving yourself. I’m sharing a food-based detox and healthy habits, which includes eating and drinking detoxifying foods that are anti-inflammatory and will make you feel good overall.

One of the most important takeaways is to keep it simple and stay consistent (at least 3 days!)- increase your water intake and eat whole foods. Below are 7 practical tips you can use for a reset or just to up level your healthy nutrition game.

Get Moving

Get your sweat on. Sweating helps you detox by boosting circulation throughout the body. A workout is a great way to rid the body of toxins. Lace-up and hit the hotel treadmill or bike if you are in a hotel. No workout facility? Walk or run the stairs. If working out is new to you, commit to at least 5 min and take it from there.

Ditch the Bag- Eliminate Processed Foods

Ditch the bag- eliminate processed foods that almost always come from anything in a bag or box. All processed foods are high in sugar and refined carbohydrates and are toxic to your body.

Hydrate like Crazy

Water is like the toxic punisher. You need water flowing through your system to carry out waste. Increase your water intake because more water makes the body’s job of flushing toxins easier. Aim to drink at least 4 liters of water each day. Don’t get caught up in the “detox water” hype either. While lemon water may feel soothing, infusing water with citrus or fruits makes it taste better. Most experts agree that the added health benefits are minimal.

Load Up on Fruits and Vegetables

Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables will help cleanse your body of free radicals. Plus, the high fiber in fruits and vegetables promotes healthy colon function. Eat a rainbow of vegetables and fruits to get as wide a range of micronutrients and antioxidants as possible. Some top anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables include berries, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli.

Consider adding foods that stimulate the liver, your body’s natural detoxing system. Some of these foods are mentioned above, like berries and cruciferous vegetables. Others include dandelion greens (you can easily find in tea sold at the grocery), grapefruit, avocado, beets, fresh garlic, and artichokes.

Cut Out All Sugar and Alcohol 

Sugar is inflammatory. Eliminating all forms of added sugar will help your body reenergize and help to reduce cravings. Take a break from booze too. Drinking alcohol during detox or a “reboot” is counterproductive and will negate its benefits.

Incorporate Easy Digesting Proteins

Make sure you are getting ample protein and choose easy digesting options. Protein will keep you feeling full and satisfied at meals. It also helps prevent sugar spikes that can cause hunger and energy crashes. Some of the best options for easy digesting proteins are boneless chicken breast, egg whites, and Greek yogurt.

Try Prebiotics 

I incorporate a prebiotic daily for overall good gut health, but when I’ve overindulged, I ensure this isn’t skipped. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics defines Prebiotics are naturally occurring, non-digestible food components that help promote the growth of helpful bacteria in your gut. Consuming Prebiotics will keep your gut healthy and strong. You can get Prebiotics naturally by having more foods like bananas, onions, garlic, leeks, asparagus, artichokes, beans, and whole grains. I prefer a supplement and love 1st Phorm’s product, Opti-Greens 50 in the travel packs. I started using this product almost a year ago and have seen a noticeable improvement in everything from digestion, bloat, and seasonal allergies.

Keep digging deeper on the topic by checking out this video- The Number One Way to Jumpstart a Healthy Diet.


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