Bookmark this page and tap into these 7 free resources to support your mental health.. You are what you eat, and nutrition can be a powerful tool to help fight depression and anxiety!

Here are 7 FREE resources to support mental health:

#1 Nutrition Tip for Mental Health
Avocados are the Superfood to Boost Your Mood

From relieving stress to helping to balance hormones and the production of serotonin, avocados are a superfood for boosting your mood. So eat your avocados! I aim for a half to a whole avocado every day.

Click here to learn why avocados are a superfood.

Fiber is Your Friend When it Comes to Mental Health

It’s like a magic trick on your gut microbiome. That’s where trillions of microbes live in your gut, which is vital for good health. Watch this short video for three ways that fiber influences mental health.

Best Foods to Beat Stress

Stress is sickening, literally. We all know that ongoing stress can lead to anxiety and depression, but did you know that there are foods that beat stress?

Click here for 4 foods that beat stress.

Boost Your Mood- 5 Tips for Nutrition & Mental Health

Nutrition is a powerful tool to help empower you and reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Click here for 5 practical strategies.

Food Can Affect Your Mental Health

Mental health is a complex topic. More and more research shows a link between what you eat and how you feel, so build your diet around SONG.

Guilt-Free Snack to Beat Stress

A recent survey by the American Psychological Association finds that three-quarters of adults say their stress levels are affecting their health.

Click here for a a yummy, guilt-free snack made from two magnesium sources known to reduce stress and anxiety.

Curious about nutrition and mental health? Check out these 5 tips to boost your mood.