I’m gearing up for my next endurance event: the 29029 Everesting Challenge. You’re invited to tag along for the ride! Follow my training and nutrition video diary as I prepare for my 29029 Everesting event in Sun Valley. As a 50-year-old busy mom, this will push my limits, but I’m excited to figure it out (with you!). Throughout my video diaries, I’ll share my training routines, nutrition plan, and the mindset strategies I use to stay positive.

What If?

When I first decided to do the 29029 Everesting endurance event, I had no idea what I was doing, and I was kind of freaked out. I mean, could a middle-aged mom like me really do this? Do I have what it takes? But this little voice inside kept whispering, “What if?” I remember training for my first 29029 event. I’d zone out sometimes in a long training session and imagine what finishing would feel like. I would tear up every single time! “What if?” That tiny seed of curiosity kept me moving forward, literally and figuratively, one step at a time. Fast forward to now, and I’ve realized that doing hard things, no matter how scary or uncomfortable, is where real growth happens. I learn more about myself each time I try and am reminded that I’m not done. So, what about you?

I promise to keep these videos short and to provide valuable information about my training routine, nutrition, and real-world talk about how at 50 I’ll try to pull it off (you can, too!). Hopefully, these are tools and insights you may be able to use for your healthy journey or next adventure. 

A Month Behind…

In this week’s video, I mentioned that I’m a month behind on my 29029 Everesting training. I’m nursing a tight hamstring and have been spending extra time on mobility. Stretching and mobility are non-negotiables for me. Check out some of these videos for simple moves to improve your mobility, and you don’t have to be an expert to do them (I’m not, for sure- no judgment on the videos). Pick a combination of stretches that suit you, and get moving! Remember, the key to reaping the benefits of mobility is consistency. Check out this article for all the video. 

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