I have a confession to make- My kids eat a horrible breakfast! It’s been this way for years, and I’m finally putting my foot down and overhauling what they eat for breakfast. My kids are picky eaters, especially when it comes to breakfast. They don’t do eggs or oatmeal. On top of that, one of my kids takes medication that makes him lose his appetite during the day. Most of the time, I’d let my children eat whatever they wanted, so they go off to school happy and with full bellies. When I’ve tried to suggest healthier alternatives, it would be a fight, and who wants that kind of tension at the start of the day, right? But I know in my heart this is so unhealthy for them and conflicts with what I believe about nutrition and health. Studies have shown that a high-sugar breakfast translates to low performance in school. It also negatively affects energy and focus. So, I’m putting my foot down.

5 Ideas I’m Trying to Make the Switch to Healthier Breakfasts

#1 Have the conversation and switch to a “weekend only” plan

I have a fruit loops addict and was dreading this conversation! We sat down and had a rational, calm discussion, and I explained why we couldn’t do the high sugar, heavy carb breakfasts any longer. Believe it or not, it didn’t go so bad. We decided to save the donuts, favorite cereal, and pancakes for the weekend.

#2 Switch to low sugar cereal

I have cereal lovers, and so we found acceptable low-sugar options. I made a rule that we don’t buy cereal with more than 5 grams of added sugar. That means we’re purchasing cereal like Rice Krispies or Kix. I add berries and sprinkle granulated monk fruit in the raw on top, and they like it.

#3 Incorporate protein

It’s essential to pair breakfast foods with protein. The reason this is important is that it keeps the blood sugar more even. It also minimizes the high spikes and lows of our blood sugar. We’ve been incorporating turkey or chicken sausage links. We have been loving these frozen chicken sausage links we found at Costco. Oikos triple zero yogurts are also a healthy option to boost protein intake.

#4 Make smoothies 

Smoothies (well, healthy smoothies) are a fast and great way to fill up on fruits (even sneak in some veggies too) and boost protein. My go-to smoothie recipe is made with almond milk, a scoop of whey vanilla protein, a frozen banana, and a handful of frozen strawberries. We also sometimes go for the premade stuff. We like Fairlife smoothie drinks. They have no added sugar and have 30 grams of protein.

#5 Have make ahead options ready

I sometimes have a few homemade baked goods on hand. The kids love my baked oatmeal bars and blueberry protein cookies. I often use these for snacks or post-workout meals.

What healthy breakfast options do your kids love?