It is possible to eat healthy when you’re traveling. Here’s a snapshot of what I eat on the road.

My Go-To When I’m on the Road: Starbucks

This is my go-to when I’m traveling. Not only because I love Starbucks’ coffee but because there are so many options for meals and snacks.
– Egg White Bites
– Low-Fat Turkey Bacon, Cheddar & Egg White Sandwich
– Turkey Sandwich
– Low-Fat Cheese Stick
– Almonds

Chipotle Healthy Options

Chipotle is one of the healthier fast-food options because they use fresh ingredients with no processed or artificial ingredients. Here’s how I eat Chipotle when I’m trying to eat healthy on the road.
– Skip the burrito (the flour tortilla has +/- 300 calories!)
– Ask for 1/2 rice or go with beans as the base
– Avoid the guacamole and cheese (or ask for lite)
– Ask for extra veggies, peppers, and tomato salsa
– Stay away from all the extras

DoorDash is a Smart Option on the Road

DoorDash is a great option when traveling and can put control in your hands to make healthy options on the road. You usually get authentic and tasty food options. My favorite option is to search ratings for local greek restaurants.

– Opt for a bowl with proteins and ask for a side
– Pass on the rice (or realize you’ll likely get double!)
– Add sides of veggies

Convenience Stores when I’m on the Road

Gas stations and convenience stores are known for their junk food, featuring shelves upon shelves stocked with chips, pretzels, cookies, candy, and other diet-sabotaging snacks. But it is possible to find healthy options when you are on the road.
– Look for fresh fruit (usually by the cash register)
– Find protein bars with low added sugar (aim for less than 6 grams)
– Skip the protein bars with fake sugar (no stomach issues while traveling!)
– Look for Kind or Rx Bars
– Opt for plain nuts over trail mix (trail mix is usually packed with added sugar)
– Look for tuna packets or hummus in the refrigerated sections
– Pass on the pretzels or “veggie” chips

Mind your hydration too. It’s tough to stay hydrated when you are on the road, so try finding zero-calorie water electrolytes.

Want more example of what I eat in a day? Here’s what a high-protein day looks like.