Need tips for keeping the holidays healthy? We’re in the season of parties and celebrations, which can often mean throwing in the towel on healthy habits. A few special occasions can morph into a whole season of being off track. 

Here’s the deal- let’s say there are 50 days left in the year. You likely eat 3X a day. That’s 150 meals during this Holiday season. How many of those meals will be “special?” When you add up a few dinners, work parties, and other events, that number might be about 15. That’s 10%. It’s not about the 10% or the holiday parties. Enjoy these occasions with your friends and family! Focus on the other 90%. Create standards for these times. Think about what you will stick with (no matter what!) when you aren’t celebrating the Holidays. Keep your holiday standards realistic and achievable. When you’re consistent when you aren’t at the Holiday parties, you’ll feel good when you’re enjoying yourself. Isn’t that what it’s all about?!

Try and plan for the 10% or your “special” dinners. Plot them out on a calendar. For the 90%, think of staples or standards that are easy to repeat, for example, meal planning so you have healthy meals on hand or strategies to get a workout or walk in. 

Wondering what to make to keep it healthy. Try these easy, go-to recipes, all centered around healthy, lean proteins. Most are perfect for entertaining, too!


Holiday mocktails with Amy
Amy Kitchen