This Master Your Mood video is about handling energy snags. Maybe you have a busy day ahead of you, whether that’s back-to-back meetings or running around to appointments or commitments. A busy schedule often leads to energy snags because we skip lunch or just neglect nourishing our bodies and taking care of ourselves.

Master Your Mood is all about focusing on feeling good FIRST. When we FEEL something different, we DO something different, which can lead to lasting, healthy changes.

Here are three tips to handle energy snags.


High-Protein for Your First Meal

Make your first meal a high-protein meal and pair it with healthy carbs. Avoiding heavy carbs or sugar in your first meal will stabilize your blood sugar, making you feel satiated and full. You’re going to start out feeling clear-minded and productive.


Make Nuts & Water Your Snack

Schedule a five-minute snack that includes a small handful (10-15 nuts) of healthy nuts like almonds or walnuts. Nuts are excellent for brain health and boosting energy and the perfect combination of protein and healthy fats.

Most importantly, hydrate with your snack. Drink a least 1 liter of water. Being dehydrated can your mood, making you cranky, tired or irritable. Water helps to flush out excess toxins, increase energy, and helps fight fatigue.


Schedule a Song

Pick your favorite song and play it in the late afternoon (yes, I’m serious- do it!). Research has shown that music can positively and immediately impact our mental state. It automatically triggers a positive mood.

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