You’ve probably heard about the Jennifer Aniston salad. It’s rumored she brought this on the set with her every day while filming Friends. It’s all over the Internet. I was inspired by it and adapted it to make it my own. I make a huge portion of it to eat throughout the week or to share with friends. This salad is also a wonderful way to support your SONG diet for better mental health (check out the link to that post!).

* 2 cups of cooked (which means 1 cup of dry) farro, brown rice, or bulgar wheat
* A large handful of chopped mini cucumbers
* A handful of chopped fresh parsley (I use cilantro too)
* A handful of chopped fresh mint
* A handful of crumbled feta cheese
* A small handful of chopped red onion
* A large handful of chopped pistachios
* 1-2 cans of canned, rinsed chickpeas
* 1 lemon juiced
* A big drizzle or 2 of avocado oil or extra virgin olive oil
* Salt and pepper to taste

Eat as is or add cooked (or grilled shrimp) or shredded chicken.

Creating a healthy meal for the whole family? Try adding my crab quiche for a complete dinner!”

Food & Mood Salad Recipe

Food & Mood Salad