Ever wonder why you can’t break the diet cycle? Maybe you eat healthy for a couple days or weeks and then fall off? You know you should be eating healthy, but you still go to town on the cookies or binge on fast food.

I Will What I Want

Not true. You can’t force your way into changing behavior and falsely engineer motivation. Willpower isn’t an endless resource-it runs out.

So, stop beating yourself up about dieting. It’s exhausting, isn’t it?! Negative self-talk only perpetuates the cycle of shame and guilt. And, it’s not your fault. We are overloaded with so many fad diets and information on social media. It’s confusing and challenging to break the diet cycle. So much of the diet information is focused mainly on weight loss and quick fixes rather than our health and feeling good (isn’t that what we’re going for?). More importantly, we’re going about it the wrong way. Leading with behavior first will not work. 

I’ve flipped the process on “dieting” and have a different approach that is sustainable for the long run. I would love to share it with you and get your input. If you would like to continue the conversation, connect with me here. No gimmicks- just real talk. What are your biggest challenges to adopting a healthy lifestyle? Comment here.

Need a boost? Check out this short video with practical strategies to get unstuck.