Here are 10 (different) ideas to prioritize your health. Are you ready for 2024? But, before we go there… today is a special day- my oldest turns 19! He’s a young man who constantly questions everything. There was a day when that would make my patience wear thin (and still does sometimes, LOL), but lately, his curiosity and college perspective have actually inspired me to challenge my own thinking.

As I reflect on the year ahead and my New Year’s resolutions, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the barrage of health and wellness advice that’s flooding my social media feeds. All the quotes, memes, and influencer perspectives are starting to blend together. There’s a lot of noise, right?

So, taking a cue from my son, Aidan, who loves to question the norm, what if we pause before we turn the page? Whether you’re a resolutions kind of person or not, the New Year offers a unique opportunity to experiment with different habits and routines. Here are 10 (different) ideas that might spark new thinking to help you prioritize your health in 2024.

1. Focus on Mood-Based Nutrition

Instead of following a diet or plan, try incorporating 3-4 foods every month that can impact your mood. Foods such as avocados, dark chocolate, and salmon have mood-boosting benefits. Explore and experiment with new foods that align with your goals and mood.

2. Commit to Food Diversity

Adding more variety to your meals can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Studies have shown that eating various foods can improve gut health and overall well-being. Make a goal to try 10 different foods each week and see how they benefit your body.

3. Do a Damp Week

Trying a “damp” week, a string of alcohol-free days could be a game-changer. Experiment with several alcohol-free days per week and see how it impacts your mood and energy levels. You may be surprised by how much your body benefits from giving it a break.

4. Incorporate Movement Snacks

Forget hour-long workouts and try to incorporate short bursts of movement throughout the day. Schedule 2-3 movement “snacks” every day. Examples include stretching, dancing, or a working walk (take a call while walking or even standing in your office).

5. Spotlight Sleep

Make sleep a #1 priority in 2024. Refresh all routines and rhythms around your sleep practice. Create a new sleep plan for January, try relaxing habits like a warm bath or a calming yoga routine before bed, and establish a consistent sleep-wake cycle.

6. Create a Try It List

Have fun with a friend or partner and generate a list of Try It ideas for 2024. Try new types of exercise- something new that intrigues you, like boxing or dancing

7. Schedule a Blocked Day

Carve out a day where you have no meetings or on-camera time. Protect this time as sacred. Use it to tackle tasks, dive into creative projects, or give yourself the space to breathe and recharge.

8. Schedule a Boredom Day

Schedule time to do absolutely nothing. There are no to-do lists, just unstructured free time. Set aside one day every month with no social media or phones from 8-5, allowing yourself to fully disconnect and embrace the beauty of doing nothing.

9. Plan Quarterly Connect Days

Community connection is vital for overall well-being. Plan a day each quarter where you can connect with others and engage in activities that build community, such as volunteering, attending a local event, or hosting a potluck dinner with friends and family.

10. Make Mobility Matter

Elevate your fitness routine by prioritizing mobility and flexibility. Swap out a cardio workout for stretching and mobility exercises, committing to at least one session per week. Not only will you experience improved physical flexibility and range of motion, but studies show that regular stretching can also reduce stress levels, leaving you feeling more relaxed and grounded.

I hope you found these 10 (different) ideas to prioritize your health in 2024 valuable. I’d love to hear yours! Comment with one of your 2024 health and wellness goals. Looking for more ideas to prioritize your health? Check out this video about 5 habits and hacks you need to cultivate your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.