I am so excited to share that the Food & Mood Cafe is now open! The Cafe is your spot to hang out with friends with a common interest- to live healthy. Today, most people are focused on restrictive and complicated plans- those never work because life happens. I believe we can be healthier if we eat the foods that make us feel good and maintain healthy habits. But it has to fit your life and your budget. 

This is what the Food & Mood Cafe is all about! It’s a members-only community that offers weekly drop-in sessions and coaching to support your wellness goals. You’ll get real conversations and tools around nutrition, exercise, and mindset. When you join, you immediately get:

  • The Fit & Full Healthy Eating Playbook- A guide to build your healthy eating plan.
  • A Weekly Playbook- A newsletter sent every Sunday featuring meal ideas and workout inspiration.
  • 2 Weekly Coaching Sessions- Virtual drop-in sessions offering coaching conversations about trending nutrition topics.
  • An Accountability or Inspiration Partner- An accountability partner to help stay motivated and committed.
  • The Food & Mood Facebook Group- A private Facebook group to connect with others, share ideas, and celebrate achievements.

Why the Food & Mood Cafe?

I started the Food & Mood Cafe because I was tired of being tired. Of course, who doesn’t know that being healthy should be a priority? But between work, home, and family, I couldn’t get it all done. I had this constant feeling of overwhelm and not feeling good enough. I knew the last thing people needed was another program or diet. So, I created a space for community, authenticity, and practical content to help people stay healthy with the unpredictability of life.

Check it out for free! Use the coupon “FOOD” to try the Food & Mood Cafe. I can’t wait to see you there! 🤍

Amy Fox - Food and Mood Cafe
Food & Mood Cafe