The “all or nothing” mindset is making us unhealthy, actually worse- I believe it’s making us feel sick, exhausted, ashamed, and even depressed. It often sounds like, “I’ll start when (you fill in the blank). This is the #1 one reason why diets (or really any change) fails. Often, the minute someone falls off the plan, they throw in the towel, call it a “fail,” and go in search of the next idea. No one is 100% healthy all of the time. The difference maker is approaching being healthy as a lifestyle and choosing small daily actions to move you closer to your goal.

People often overestimate the importance of a diet or plan and underestimate the value of making daily small, healthy choices.

Strategies for Healthy Lifestyle

One of the strategies that work for me is to use a daily practice I call above the line. The above-the-line practice is simple and involves checking in on my overall physical and mental health to see if I am above the line. Above the line means above 50%. Above 50% (for me) means I have decent energy, have eaten relatively healthy, etc… Below 50% means I feel tired, have had less movement, and/or not made healthy choices. Above 50% is my minimum threshold. At any time during the day, if I’m below 50%, I do whatever it takes to move above the line. This might mean moving, drinking water, choosing a high-protein snack, or going for a walk. Sure, it’d be great to be a 90%, but that’s not a realistic approach. Stuff happens.

Rather than continuing with my day, the above-the-line practice helps me to quickly course correct and incorporate small changes that keep me in alignment with a healthy lifestyle.

Diet Mindset

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