I’m often asked, “What can I eat so I have more energy?”

Here are 3 simple tips to give you a boost.


Take Inventory

Take inventory of what you are eating. If you are eating highly processed foods (foods in a box or bag), reduce or eliminate them from your diet. These types of foods are chocked full of empty calories. They may at first give you a bump, but your blood sugar spikes and then your energy crashes and you feel tired and lethargic.



What does water have to do with energy levels? Even if you are slightly dehydrated, your systems slow down and this can make you feel tired. Aim to drink your body weight in ounces. Get creative about it. Look for cute bottles, gamify it, or set alarms on your phone.


Eat the Right Combo

Make sure you are eating protein and carbs for meals and snacks. The combination of these foods will keep you full for longer and give you long lasting energy.